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The Accelerated Weight Drop System is the cornerstone of United Service Alliance’s commitment to giving the customer what they want and need.  Designed with the field crew in mind, all models are easy to use, easy to maneuver and easy to service.  We have recently successfully completed the design, manufacture, and testing of a new family of AWD’s, which produce higher energy output in a smaller, safer, and more robust package!

Electronics are supplied by Seismic Source Co.



Accelerated Weight Drop Systems At Their Best!

A100  A200  AF450 & AF750

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¨ Patented Nitrogen Spring Technology (Patent 7284636, other US and

         International patents pending)

¨ Mechanically Reliable — Significant Reduction in Down Time

¨ State-of-the-Art Design and Manufacturing — Science teamed

         with expert Craftsmanship

¨ Unparalleled Power — Highest cocking forces in the industry!

¨ Versatile — Mounts on Trucks, Trailers, Buggies or Rubber Track


¨ Systems for Every Application


United Service Alliance manufactures a proprietary line of accelerated weight drop energy sources for oil and gas exploration for use in any environment or those that are prohibitive using conventional sources, bridging the gap between dynamite and Vibroseistm in an environmentally sensitive nature.  Whether you have a tough or sensitive working environment, we have the ability to get in, provide the energy, and move out with minimal impact (no pun intended!)…



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